There is more to come: insights about the next UvA MOOC

September 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Next stop: MOOC!

Next stop: MOOC!

Next Thursday, September 12, the UvA MOOC Introduction to Communication Science will start again. It will be a new version of the course which attracted almost 5.500 students worldwide last February. Personally I am very enthusiastic about it because now I will have more time to focus on content and analyze technical developments. In the first MOOC, I mainly watched videos and completed quizzes for my research. Now I want to use the forum further and also would like to explore the additional material to develop other ideas as well. This will be another way also to evaluate the MOOC in my own perspective as a student and researcher of new forms of pedagogies and e-learning. So, what to expect in this new version?

Basically, anyone with a good level of English can participate, and this course will fit different sorts of interests and profiles. You can check yours bellow:

  • If you don’t have any knowledge of Communication Science: The course will be great for you to learn the basics in an easy and fresh way. Video lectures are short, straightforward and very informative with examples and explanations, which means you won’t be lost. Actually, you will soon understand why Communications plays a great role in the Humanities: there are many theories and perspectives which may differ from one culture to another. Personally I find theories’ interpretation a good exercise while learning how to express myself here in the Netherlands. Had some great discussions about the topic in the first MOOC.
  • If you know a bit about Communication Science: Perhaps you studied a bit about Communications – a long time ago at University, or maybe took an elective in your school. This course can offer great tools to test your knowledge about the topic and will enable you to explore it further. You can ask as many questions you want in the forum and also post your own opinion about theories. You’ll be surprised to see how much you learned in the end of the MOOC.
  • If you’re a pro: Ok, let’s say you are a professional in the field of media or communication. Perhaps your first thought would be: “Why should I enroll in a course called ‘Introduction to Communication Science?’ I know the basics already, maybe I should do a MOOC about a topic I’m not familiar with…”. As soon you start this MOOC you will see that there’s still a lot to learn, but you’ll notice there’s something even better: because you’re familiar with the topic you’ll be able to help other students and engage actively in the forum. Your professional network will also increase – and this is one great thing I like about MOOCs – you’ll be in touch with other professionals in the field who come from many different countries and you’ll see that they will teach you a lot as well! In the forum, Facebook or LinkedIn… Dive into the MOOC and explore all possibilities!

So, there’s still time to enroll. If somehow you could not complete the first one, this is your chance. Plus, you’ll receive a nice certificate from the University of Amsterdam, one of the largest in Europe. In the next few weeks I will be blogging about the UvA MOOC and sharing some results of my recent research. Any questions or tips, feel free to contact me. Also, if you want more details about the course, check this review by Patricia van der Linden.

See you in the class!


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