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February 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello everyone!

I created this blog because I am currently doing research on MOOCs. I am doing a Master in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam, and I feel more than privileged to be in touch with some of the first experiences in this field. MOOCs are new and they are spreading fast. But what is it like to learn in MOOC? How do teachers build them? Are they effective? If you are also asking yourself these questions, you are not alone.

This is why I will use this blog to help me to get feedback for my research. I will weekly write about my first experience as MOOC student. I am taking the first MOOC offered by the University of Amsterdam – ‘Introduction to Communication Science’¬†as a case study. The course has 8 weeks and started on February 20. In addition, I will post news and opinion about the topic, so always feel free to contribute as well!


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